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Your Friendly Fertility Companion

Containing a metamorphic herbal blend that regulates and supports female hormones across the board, Fertility Tea For Her goes above and beyond to leave women feeling healthy and energised from the inside out. Natural, organic, delicious and free from any nasties, this nourishing tea blend is the ultimate companion for women who want pain-free, predictable, and happy periods. Especially useful to prepare hormones and the uterus for a baby! Enriched with herbs that strengthen and support ovulation, hormonal balance, uterus health and pelvic muscles, this delectable concoction was created for women looking to get on top of their hormones and fertility.

X1 Fertility Tea for Her Pouch: Designed by women, for women, this expert blend of organic herbs combats bloating, inflammation, hormone imbalance and more. Helping improve female reproductive health by the transformative effects of herbs such as chaste tree berries and nettle, this delicious herbal tea blend is an absolute must-have for any fertility journey. Ingredients: Organic Chaste Tree Berries, Raspberry Leaf, Ladies Mantle, Lavender, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Licorice Root.

Preconception Preparation

Fertility Issues


Reproductive Health

Improve Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal Imbalances

Support Ovulation

Reduce Inflammation

Relax the Uterus

Painful Periods

Problematic / Hormonal Skin

Anxiety & Stress


Achieve Cycle Regularity: Say goodbye to stressful periods that are a nightmare to track. 

Get Rid of Bloating and Inflammation: Relieve uncomfortable digestion issues and get your body back on track. . 

Control Hormones: Get those pesky hormones under control with powerful herbs that improve female reproductive health. 

Alleviate PMS Woes: Don’t let PMS get you down and alleviate symptoms with herbal botanicals. 

Treat PCOS: Support and treat the symptoms of PCOS with delicious tea formulated for female fertility. 

Support the Ovulation Process: Fuel your body with goodness to enhance the ovulation process. 

Elevate Your Wellbeing: Relax both your body and mind with the calming ritual of tea.

Brew Guide / How to Brew

Put 2 teaspoons per cup of tea (250ml) into a strainer. Pour boiling water (100 degrees) over the tea leaves and allow the leaves to infuse for at least 4 minutes. Remove the strainer and enjoy.

If you’re making a teapot (like this cute one) then put 3-4 teaspoons of tea into the strainer.  

All the teas can be enjoyed cooled over ice (with a wedge of lemon). 

Still unsure? Click to view detailed brewing guides


Raspberry Leaf (Germany), Chaste Tree Berries (Morocco), Nettle (Italy), Ladies Mantle (Romania), Lavender (France), Lemon Balm (Italy), Licorice Root (India)

Consumption Safety
  • We recommend 2 cups (approx 500ml) per day of the Fertility Tea for Her blend
  • It is not recommended to have more than 3 cups of the Fertility Tea for Her per day due to the potency of the herbs. 
  • There is no caffeine in Fertility Tea for Her blend so it can be enjoyed anytime of day. For best results, we recommend drinking Fertility Tea for Her first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (predictability and consistency is great for hormone health). 
  • Pregnancy: Once pregnant (approx. 6 week mark), discontinue drinking 'Fertility Tea for Her.' Breastfeeding: Our teas are generally safe during breastfeeding, but it's essential to seek a professional medical opinion if you have any concerns about your specific breastfeeding situation.
  • IVF/ IUI: Typically it is safe to drink this tea to support any assisted reproductive interventions including IUI or IVF. However, each IVF treatment varies depending on what hormones/ dosing your specialist has recommended. So, we recommend calling your medical team to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything on your treatment plan


How often should I drink Fertility Tea for Her? 

  • Every day. We recommend 1 cup first thing in the morning (it works best on an empty stomach!). The following cup can be enjoyed in the afternoon or evening. 

How soon before falling pregnant should I start drinking Fertility Tea for Her?

  • Experts recommend at least 3 months of healthy pre-conception habits (like drinking this tea) before trying to conceive. Then keep drinking it while you're trying to conceive however short or long that may take.

How many cups of tea are in each pouch? 

  • Fertility Tea for Her: 33 cups per pouch (use 2 teaspoons per serve or 3-4 teaspoons per teapot)

How many cups do I get in one canister vs. one pouch? 

  • 1 canister: 20 cups worth of tea (using 2 gold teaspoons per teacup)
    1 pouch: 33 cups worth of tea - so one month if you drink the tea everyday (using 2 gold teaspoons per teacup) 

Will my cycle change if I drink Fertility Tea for Her? 

  • It can! And if it does, it’s usually a good thing. If your cycle is shorter than 23 days or longer than 35 days, this expert blend of herbs should get your body back on track, thus changing your cycle. 

Can I drink Fertility Tea for Her if i’m on my period? 

  • Yes, you can drink Fertility Tea for Her at any point during your cycle.

Can I drink Fertility Tea for Her if I’m trying to conceive?

  • Fertility Tea for Her was crafted to support your conception journey. Once you see a positive pregnancy test (before 6 weeks), discontinue use. 

Can you drink Fertility Tea for Her during ovulation? 

  • Yes, you can drink Fertility Tea for Her at any point during your cycle. 

Is Fertility Tea for Her gluten-free and vegan? 

  • Fertility Tea for Her is vegan and gluten free. 

Can raspberry leaf tea regulate my hormones? 

  • Raspberry leaf tea is one of the most powerful teas for female reproductive health. Helping regulate hormones while tackling issues such as mood changes, cramps and more, this delicious tea is a solid choice for getting your hormones back on track. 

When should I drink nettle for fertility? 

  • As nettle takes a few months to get into your system, we recommend drinking this healing herb as soon as you start your conception journey!


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Making Fertility Tea

How To Make Fertility Tea for Her

Want to know the secret behind a beautiful brew? The prep work! This article details how Fertility Tea for Her should be made - expert approved!

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Why Fertility Glo?

We want you to have the fertility you deserve: A journey less stressful, more confident, more beautiful.

We understand the intricate journey of fertility; the yo-yo that is our reproductive system, hormonal imbalances, pms, and period pains. That is why we created a natural and holistic support to fertility issues, in the form of a delicious cup of tea. Our premium organic loose leaf teas, expertly formulated by naturopaths, are here to help you and your uterus every step of the way. From regulating your menstrual cycle to promoting hormonal balance, stimulating ovulation, and enhancing reproductive health, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to the woes of PMS, sleepless nights, and the stress and anxiety that can accompany your fertility journey. Fertility Glo is more than just teas; it's a lifeline for women seeking balance, comfort, and support. Join us as we embrace your fertility journey together, one soothing cup at a time.

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Naturopathically Formulated

Our fertility tea range is meticulously crafted with ingredients such as raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and nettle to help your uterus and hormones feel healthier, happier and more balanced.

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Powerful Ingredients

We use evidence-based organic red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, chaste tree berries and more to help regulate hormones and support the reproductive system. Zero aromas, flavour enhancers, synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

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Tastes Delicious

Why do healthy things usually taste like grass? We wondered the same thing and so made it our mission to ensure our teas are not only effective for your body, but pleasant to the eyes and taste buds too! Our unique recipes (created by our founder and Tea Sommelier) are delicious. Enjoy a tea that does good for your reproductive health and also tastes good.

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Blended in Melbourne

Our teas are blended in micro batches every week to ensure maximum freshness. We use organic wholesome botanicals free from synthetic flavours, chemicals, and aromas. Only the best for your uterus health!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sarah Ferguson-Smith
Lovely <3

I have been drinking the tea for about a month now and am really enjoying it. Such a calming experience to take some time to yourself to enjoy a freshly brewed cup, and tasty too, hoping to see some results soon :)

Calming and Delicious

Really enjoying Fertility for Her tea! So easy to prepare and drink, the taste is so delicious and calming. Hoping to reap the fertility benefits soon!

So amazing!

As soon as it came in the mail I started having my little pot every night before bed and I’ve had it every single day since, it’s delicious, it’s relaxing and most importantly it’s working! My periods are a lot less painful, shorter and a lot more regular. I’ve always struggled with irregular periods and I was pretty skeptical of a tea working but honestly it’s great!

NIcole FLoyd

I've been drinking the fertility for her tea for a little while now, in hopes of conceiving.
I'm not yet pregnant, but have noticed a difference in my periods, nowhere near as painful, or as heavy. My premenstrual symptoms have also improved.
Hopefully conception isn't too far away.


Having been to a tea making workshop by the owners of this company, I new I could trust the ingredients of this tea to be of the highest quality. When looking for ways to manage my PMDD symptoms, I immediately searched up fertility glo and found this tea and I’m obsessed. I’ve been using it for 2 months consistently and have noticed a significant positive shift in my mood and emotional regulation as I near my period. It has also helped to regulate my cycle and I experience less physical symptoms prior to and during my period. I went off this tea for a month to test the difference and I noticed a massive regression with my physical and emotional symptoms, so needless to say I will be placing another order and keeping this tea as a daily staple. It also tastes amazing which is an added bonus!