Happy Customers: Fertility Tea Reviews

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Such a lovely tea bundle!

I thoroughly enjoyed the teas in this bundle. It got me back to drinking teas and reminded me how nice it is to have a tea routine. The Relaxation Tea is my personal favourite, I could drink multiple cups of it!

I've been drinking the fertility for her tea for a little while now, in hopes of conceiving.
I'm not yet pregnant, but have noticed a difference in my periods, nowhere near as painful, or as heavy. My premenstrual symptoms have also improved.
Hopefully conception isn't too far away.

Didn’t receive all of my products

Only received one tea in my “bundle”
Emailed the company twice with no reply. I would not recommend buying from this company.

Didn’t receive all of my products

Only received one tea in my “bundle”.
Emailed the company twice with no replies. Wouldn’t suggest buying from this company.

Fertility Tea for Her

Having been to a tea making workshop by the owners of this company, I new I could trust the ingredients of this tea to be of the highest quality. When looking for ways to manage my PMDD symptoms, I immediately searched up fertility glo and found this tea and I’m obsessed. I’ve been using it for 2 months consistently and have noticed a significant positive shift in my mood and emotional regulation as I near my period. It has also helped to regulate my cycle and I experience less physical symptoms prior to and during my period. I went off this tea for a month to test the difference and I noticed a massive regression with my physical and emotional symptoms, so needless to say I will be placing another order and keeping this tea as a daily staple. It also tastes amazing which is an added bonus!


My friend got me a can as a gift, once I finished it I bought 3 cans to also gift to two other friends. It has absolutely cleared my skin, now I understand I had hormonal acne but it all just went away within a couple of weeks. Most importantly my ovulation came back. I didn’t even know I wasn’t ovulating, just assumed my tests were faulty until they were very clear and strong after my intake of this tea. Didn’t get pregnant as of yet but it is a massive great change for my body. Will be stocking up on more!!

Sleeptime Glo Tea
Tiarne Suckling
Love these products

I noticed a difference after about 2 wks of using the fertility for her tea in my PMS symptoms..
And the sleeptime tea really helped me relax at the end of the night before I go to bed and taste delicious

Amber Storage Jars
Lisa Connelly
Cute jar

Love the jar for storing the tea. Looks good and keeps the tea fresh

Sleeptime Glo Tea
Amanda Godfrey
Night Night

This tea is a perfect way to wind down and feel calm before going to bed.
My hormones were a little wild after coming off the pill. I highly recommend this tea for a really good night sleep.

Mint Glo Tea
Amanda Godfrey
One month in and loving in

I am 33 and having been on the pill for 15 years, my hormones went a little wild once i stopped taking the pill.
My husband and i had decided it was time to try for a baby but with my hormones the way they were, i was worried it might take a long time.

After taking the tea for only one month, and two months of trying, we got our first positive pregnancy test! I am over the moon.

Thank you to Fertility Glo for helping make my body a safe place to make a little one.

Love it

Loving the flavour and after only using a short time my menstrual cycles are less heavy and painful. Will deffenitly keep drinking this ! Thank you.

Fertility Tea for Her
Asima Siddiqui
Pleasant tea

I’m writing this review after taking this tea for almost 2 months. So I’ve had two cycles since I started taking this tea. I’m specifically taking it for getting pregnant. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet so keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I genuinely believe in the hormone balancing effects of this tea, because it has some really good herbs that have been used in traditional medicine, especially in Chinese medicine for women’s health and fertility. I have been taking fertility supplements, raw dandelion root tea, Nettle leaf tea for a few months which had already improved my periods tremendously since the beginning of 2023 and I do think My periods have further improved in the last two cycles because of this Tea. I’m hopeful.

My favourite teas

I enjoy this teas every single day. Love the smell and the taste.

Delicious teas

I bought this bundle in December (so its been a month). I am enjoying all of the teas plus it is making me drink alot more water which is a bonus. Love the packaging and the cute spoon. I have used up the Morning Glo quicker than the other two which I dont know since I followed the instructions. Maybe just different weight in the packages.

Will definitely buy again as I am keen to see how i feel after a couple of months on the teas.

Just what I needed

Really enjoying the fertility tea for her bundle. My fave is the Morning Glo Tea, however all are quite nice. The strainer and spoon are good quality as well. About to place my next order :)

Lovely taste

I started this tea about a month ago and it's still going strong. The fertility and relaxation tea tastes delightful. The Morning Glo one takes a bit to enjoy (for me anyway).
I like that it came with a strainer and spoon. I would repurchase the fertility tea on it's own next time.

Amber Storage Jars
Sally Foster
Great jars!

Look really nice on the bench and seal the freshness into the tea. I’m in quite a humid environment so important to keep it nice and dry. Loving the gold spoon and strainer too as they’re so easy and mess free.

Beautiful quality tea

Love this tea, really good quality ingredients. Fertility in the morning, Loving having a water bottle full of the morning Glo as a cold drink throughout the day (great substitute for water) and getting the best night sleep with the relaxation one before bed. I’ll definitely order this again!

Tastes amazing

Tastes great! Will be purchasing more! Fingers crossed it helps.

Yummiest Teas

I have a sensitive stomach and can't take elevit because it makes me feel gross. So glad I can get some of the nutritional benefits from this tea instead!


The Fertility Tea for Her has done wonders for me. My hormones and Ovulation have improved, and my cycles are now regular. The Morning Glo Tea and Relaxation Glo Tea are lovely complements to complete this wellness journey

Partner loves Him tea

Husband loves the fertility tea for him. It's got a bit of punchy grassy taste but he loves anything salty so really enjoying it every day. It's great to have a tea specifically designed for us both on this journey.


We're finally pregnant! It took 3 years, 4 roudns of IVF and a lot of tears and needles. I've loved having these teas to support us on the journey over the last few months - it's a comforting thing to enjoy as a couple.

Best Tea

Absolutely love these teas, especially the relaxation glo. Feels so nice to drink first thing in the morning. I feel like i'm glowing

Great bundle

Delicious! The tea for Her is a lot nicer than the one for Him (I tried a bit of my husband's and wasn't a fun) - thank goodness i get to enjoy the better one :))