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How often should I drink Fertility Tea for Her?

We recommend up to 4 teacups or 2 mugs a day (approx 500ml). There is no caffeine in this tea so you can enjoy it at anytime during the day, however, for best results we recommend it first thing in the morning (predictability and consistency is great for hormone health)!

When should I start drinking Fertility Tea for Her?

Anytime BEFORE you're pregnant! This tea is designed to help prepare your body for conception and pregnancy (we recommend drinking the tea at least 3 months before trying to conceive). The raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, and chaste tree berries are designed to help prepare the uterus for pregnancy, stimulate ovulation, and balance hormones. You can start it at any point during your cycle.

Can I drink Fertility Tea for Her while pregnant?

Once you fall pregnant we recommend you stop drinking this tea as drinking raspberry leaf is not recommended while you're pregnant. Try some of our other caffeine-free options such as our Morning Glo (great for morning sickness) or the calming Relaxation Glo blend.

Can I drink Fertility Tea for Her while breastfeeding?

Typically, yes. But if you're unsure it's always best practice to have a quick chat to your medical professionals about your specific breastfeeding situation.

Is it safe to drink Fertility Tea for Her during the two week wait?

Yes. Once you receive a positive pregnancy urine or blood test (around the 4-6 week mark) we recommend stopping this tea as raspberry leaf is not recommended during 1st and 2nd trimester. Pop the tea to the back of the cupboard to be re-enjoyed post-partum (great to help re-tone and tighten all those stretched muscles down there).

Can you drink Fertility Tea for Her if you're not trying for a baby?

Yep. If you're a female and after better hormone health, a strong uterus, decreased body inflammation and regular cycles then this tea is designed for that.

Can you drink Fertility Tea for Her post-partum (after birth)?

Yes! This tea is great for balancing female hormones, supporting uterus health, and toning pelvic muscles which after birthing a human might be something you're interested in doing.

Is it normal for your cycle length to change while drinking Fertility Tea for Her?

Yep, that's kind of the point. Cycles should typically sit around the 28 day mark (give or take a few days either side). So if you're extra short or extra long (more than 4 day variance on each side) then you want to slowly start correcting your cycle to that optimum length where hormones are balanced and doing their thing.

How do I brew Fertility Tea for Her?

Place 2 teaspoons per cup of tea (250ml) into a strainer. If you're brewing a pot of tea then use 3-4 teaspoons. Pour boiling water (100 degrees) over the tea and allow tea leaves to infuse for at least 4 minutes. Remove the strainer and enjoy. You can also allow the tea to cool down and pour it over ice or into a smoothie if you prefer to have it cold.

Is it okay to drink Fertility Tea for Her while going through IVF?

Typically, yes it is a natural product that can help support assisted reproductive interventions. However, each IVF treatment varies depending on what hormones and the dose your specialist recommends. So, it can't hurt to send a quick message or call to your nurses or medical team to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything on your specific treatment plan.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, over $70.

How long does shipping take?

This one's in the hands of the shipping Gods, aka, Australia Post. Typically (if you're in a metro area) we find it takes 3-4 days. However, if you're in woop woop town it can take up to a couple of weeks. Best would be to use your tracking number and keep an eye on it.

Do your teas have artificial flavours?

Nope. Our teas contain zero pesky synthetics, chemicals or flavour enhancers. They are all made with organic, non-GMO ingredients and is free from artificial additives, preservatives and sweeteners.

Are the teas gluten-free and vegan?

Yes to both.

Will I fall pregnant if I drink Fertility Tea for Her?

It still takes an egg, sperm and a little magic to make a baby (hello year 9 health class). This tea focusses on giving you the best chances of conception by improving the environment for your future baby (aka your body). It can help regulate hormones, support uterus health, stimulate ovulation, and tone the pelvic muscles ready for conception.

Does Fertility Tea for Her help with endometriosis?

It can do. Since the ingredients (chaste tree berries, raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon balm, licorice root, lavender) have anti-inflammatory properties it can help support a healthier uterus alongside your other medical interventions.

Can Fertility Tea for Her help regulate periods?

Yes. The ingredients (specifically chaste tree berries) are designed to help regulate hormone health and that includes helping to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Is it safe to drink Relaxation Glo, Morning Glo and Sleeptime Glo when pregnant?

Yes - all of our Glo Teas are fine to drink when pregnant. The only when we recommend pausing while pregnant is Fertility Tea for Her (because of the raspberry leaf and chaste tree berries).

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