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Know someone struggling with fertility? 

Give the gift of balance and well-being with our Fertility Glo Gift Voucher!

Perfect for anyone on a fertility journey, this voucher unlocks a world of premium organic teas designed to support reproductive health. Let your loved ones choose from our expertly formulated blends that promote hormonal balance, ease stress, and enhance overall fertility. With each sip, they'll experience the soothing embrace of natural ingredients like red raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and more. A thoughtful and empowering gift to nurture both body and spirit on the path to conception.

🌟 Voucher can be redeemed on EVERYTHING in our online store 🌟 

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone you know that is struggling with hormone imbalances, PCOS, Endometriosis, or really wanting to have a baby? This Online Gift Voucher is the perfect gift of warmth and care.

💖 Ideal for someone on a fertility journey.

🌿 Melbourne's Finest Fertility Teas: Indulge in the finest collection of handcrafted teas that are good for you and your uterus.  

🚚 Hassle-Free Online Voucher. A convenient online voucher that can be redeemed on everything in our online store.

🎉 Why Choose Our Gift Vouchers?

  • Exquisite Fertility Teas: Unparalleled quality and flavours specific for supporting fertility.
  • Teas can be delivered Australia Wide. 
  • Convenience: Easy online redemption of e-vouchers.
  • Thoughtful and Memorable: A gift that shows you care.
  • 3 year expiry on all Gift Vouchers.

🛍️ How It Works

  1. Choose the gift voucher amount.
  2. Receive the e-voucher via email.
  3. Share the magic of fertility teas with your loved one!
Why Fertility Glo?

We want you to have the fertility you deserve: A journey less stressful, more confident, more beautiful.

We understand the intricate journey of fertility; the yo-yo that is our reproductive system, hormonal imbalances, pms, and period pains. That is why we created a natural and holistic support to fertility issues, in the form of a delicious cup of tea. Our premium organic loose leaf teas, expertly formulated by naturopaths, are here to help you and your uterus every step of the way. From regulating your menstrual cycle to promoting hormonal balance, stimulating ovulation, and enhancing reproductive health, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to the woes of PMS, sleepless nights, and the stress and anxiety that can accompany your fertility journey. Fertility Glo is more than just teas; it's a lifeline for women seeking balance, comfort, and support. Join us as we embrace your fertility journey together, one soothing cup at a time.

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Naturopathically Formulated

Our fertility tea range is meticulously crafted with ingredients such as raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and nettle to help your uterus and hormones feel healthier, happier and more balanced.

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Powerful Ingredients

We use evidence-based organic red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, chaste tree berries and more to help regulate hormones and support the reproductive system. Zero aromas, flavour enhancers, synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

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Tastes Delicious

Why do healthy things usually taste like grass? We wondered the same thing and so made it our mission to ensure our teas are not only effective for your body, but pleasant to the eyes and taste buds too! Our unique recipes (created by our founder and Tea Sommelier) are delicious. Enjoy a tea that does good for your reproductive health and also tastes good.

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Blended in Melbourne

Our teas are blended in micro batches every week to ensure maximum freshness. We use organic wholesome botanicals free from synthetic flavours, chemicals, and aromas. Only the best for your uterus health!

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