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Fertility for Her Bundle

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A Tasty Trio For Fertility

The Fertility for Her bundle was developed by a fertility naturopath and tea sommelier to support and address the female reproductive system as well as make sure the flavour is well balanced and delicious to drink. In it, we’ve included a trio of meticulously crafted organic tea pouches, designed to support female hormones, reproductive health, and enhance fertility. The teas are designed to help women on their journey towards healthier hormones and a happier uterus all while enjoying the ritual of tea drinking along the way!

  • x1 Fertility Tea for Her Pouch: Specifically formulated to address symptoms including cycle regularity/ pain, bloating, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, pms, PCOS, ovulation problems. The active organic ingredients of raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and nettle have been traditionally used to support the wonderful pieces of a woman’s reproductive puzzle!
    Ingredients: Organic Chaste Tree Berries, Raspberry Leaf, Ladies Mantle, Lavender, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Licorice Root.
  • x1 Morning Glo Tea Pouch: Designed to naturally boost vitamins and minerals essential for reproductive health including iron, calcium, and magnesium. Ginger, lemongrass, and Australian lemon myrtle have also been traditionally used to help address digestion issues, reduce bloating and inflammation and relax the uterus.
    Ingredients: Organic Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Ginger, Calendula.
  • x1 Relaxation Glo Pouch: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamins A & C which are important for reproductive health and wellbeing. The compound ‘aspalathin’ found in organic rooibos can help calm the nervous system. Relaxation is always a good idea when it comes to fertility health!.
    Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Roses, Lavender, Calendula. 
  • x1 Modern Gold Teaspoon & x1 Gold Clip Strainer: Feel a little fancy and elevate your tea ritual with a long stem gold teaspoon and gold clip strainer.

Each tea is crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients for maximum effectiveness and flavour.

Preconception Preparation

Fertility Issues


Reproductive Health

Improve Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal Imbalances

Support Ovulation

Reduce Inflammation

Relax the Uterus

Painful Periods

Problematic / Hormonal Skin

Anxiety & Stress


Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle: Achieve cycle regularity and alleviate period pain for a more predictable and comfortable experience.

Banish Bloating and Inflammation: Say goodbye to uncomfortable bloating and inflammation that can disrupt your daily life.

Restore Hormonal Balance: Our blend targets hormonal imbalances, helping you feel more like yourself throughout the month.

PMS Relief: Tackle PMS symptoms head-on with our carefully selected organic ingredients.

Support PCOS Management: Manage the effects of PCOS with the support of traditional herbs.

Enhance Ovulation: Encourage a healthy ovulation process for improved fertility.

Elevate Your Wellbeing: Experience a sense of calm and mindfulness as you embrace the soothing ritual of tea. To get some helpful tips on how to stay calm and reduce stress, we’ve prepared some short & sweet Fertility School Articles. 

Organic Ingredients: Our tea features powerful ingredients including Chaste Tree Berries, Raspberry Leaf, Ladies Mantle, Lavender, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Lemon Myrtle, Calendula, and more to help support your reproductive needs naturally.

Brew Guide / How to Brew

All the teas in this bundle: Put 2 teaspoons per cup of tea (250ml) into a strainer. Pour boiling water (100 degrees) over the tea leaves and allow the leaves to infuse for at least 4 minutes. Remove the strainer and enjoy.

If you’re making a teapot (like this cute one) then put 3-4 teaspoons of tea into the strainer.  

All the teas can be enjoyed cooled over ice (with a wedge of lemon). 

Still unsure? Click to view detailed brewing guides


Raspberry Leaf (Germany), Chaste Tree Berries (Morocco), Nettle (Italy), Ladies Mantle (Romania), Lavender (France), Lemon Balm (Italy), Licorice Root (India), Lemongrass (Egypt), Lemon Myrtle (Australia), Ginger (Australia), Calendula (Egypt), Rooibos (South Africa), Roses (China)

Consumption Safety
  • We recommend 2 cups (approx 500ml) per day of the Fertility Tea for Her blend
  • It is not recommended to have more than 3 cups of the Fertility Tea for Her per day due to the potency of the herbs. 
  • We recommend at least 1 cup of Morning Glo and 1 cup of Relaxation Glo per day.
  • There is no caffeine in any of the teas so they can be enjoyed anytime of day. For best results, we recommend drinking Fertility Tea for Her first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (predictability and consistency is great for hormone health). 
  • Pregnancy: Once pregnant (approx. 6 week mark), discontinue drinking 'Fertility Tea for Her.' However, 'Morning Glo' is safe and beneficial during the first trimester, particularly if you have morning sickness. 'Relaxation Glo' is caffeine-free and a healthy relaxing option when pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding: Our teas are generally safe during breastfeeding, but it's essential to seek a professional medical opinion if you have any concerns about your specific breastfeeding situation.
  • IVF/ IUI: Typically it is safe to drink this tea to support any assisted reproductive interventions including IUI or IVF. However, each IVF treatment varies depending on what hormones/ dosing your specialist has recommended. So, we recommend calling your medical team to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything on your treatment plan.


How often should I drink the teas?

  • Every day. Start the day with 1 cup of  Fertility Tea for Her (it works best on an empty stomach first thing in the morning). Then you can enjoy another cup of it later on during the day if you are working on fixing particular fertility issues. If you’re just in maintenance / wellbeing mode then 1 cup is enough in the morning. The Morning Glo is recommended for morning / afternoon tea and the Relaxation Glo is recommended as a relaxing afternoon or evening blend.

How many servings are in each pouch? 

  • Fertility Tea for Her: 33 cups per pouch (use 2 teaspoons per serve or 3-4 teaspoons per teapot)
  • Morning Glo: 35 cups per pouch (use 2 teaspoons per serve or 3-4 teaspoons per teapot)
  • Relaxation Glo: 31 cups per pouch (use 2 teaspoons per serve or 3-4 teaspoons per teapot)

Is it normal for your cycle to change while drinking Fertility Tea for Her?

  • Yes that can happen and that's a good thing. Cycles should typically sit around the 28 day mark (give or take a few days either side) and not be particularly painful. So if you're extra short or extra long (more than 4 day variance on each side) and you have a lot of pain / heavy bleeding then you want to slowly start correcting your cycle where hormones are balanced and doing their thing. A balanced cycle is made up of a follicular phase of about 14 days (where FSH and estrogen are being released to get ovaries juicy and ready to release an egg) and then a luteal phase of about 14 days (where progesterone kicks in to keep that uterine line thick and healthy). For more on ovulation and cycles check out our fertility school articles. 

Can I drink these teas while on my period?

  • Yes, you can start the teas at any point during your menstrual cycle.

What if I’m trying to conceive?

  • Our teas are formulated to support your conception journey making them a great choice! Once you see a positive pregnancy test result (around the 5 - 6 week mark) then stop drinking the Fertility Tea for Her and only continue with Relaxation Glo and Morning Glo Teas. 

When to drink nettle for fertility? 

  • Packed with calcium and iron, nettle tea should be enjoyed before and after pregnancy. Packed with nutritious content such as calcium and iron, this powerful herb can even boost your milk supply after giving birth. 

Is it safe to drink Lemongrass Tea while breastfeeding? 

  • Our teas are generally safe during breastfeeding, but it's essential to seek a professional medical opinion if you have any concerns about your specific breastfeeding situation.

What is an ideal tea ritual with this bundle?

  • Creating a little tea ritual can be a helpful and beautiful way to get all the goodness in you! We recommend starting the day with Fertility Tea for Her blend, followed by Morning Glo and then Relaxation Glo in the afternoon.


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Let’s Unpack the Fertility for Her Bundle

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What exactly is Fertility Tea and how does it help with conception? Here’s what you need to know about powerful fertility herbs that support the baby-making process.

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Why Fertility Glo?

We want you to have the fertility you deserve: A journey less stressful, more confident, more beautiful.

We understand the intricate journey of fertility; the yo-yo that is our reproductive system, hormonal imbalances, pms, and period pains. That is why we created a natural and holistic support to fertility issues, in the form of a delicious cup of tea. Our premium organic loose leaf teas, expertly formulated by naturopaths, are here to help you and your uterus every step of the way. From regulating your menstrual cycle to promoting hormonal balance, stimulating ovulation, and enhancing reproductive health, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to the woes of PMS, sleepless nights, and the stress and anxiety that can accompany your fertility journey. Fertility Glo is more than just teas; it's a lifeline for women seeking balance, comfort, and support. Join us as we embrace your fertility journey together, one soothing cup at a time.

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Naturopathically Formulated

Our fertility tea range is meticulously crafted with ingredients such as raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and nettle to help your uterus and hormones feel healthier, happier and more balanced.

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Powerful Ingredients

We use evidence-based organic red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, chaste tree berries and more to help regulate hormones and support the reproductive system. Zero aromas, flavour enhancers, synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

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Tastes Delicious

Why do healthy things usually taste like grass? We wondered the same thing and so made it our mission to ensure our teas are not only effective for your body, but pleasant to the eyes and taste buds too! Our unique recipes (created by our founder and Tea Sommelier) are delicious. Enjoy a tea that does good for your reproductive health and also tastes good.

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Blended in Melbourne

Our teas are blended in micro batches every week to ensure maximum freshness. We use organic wholesome botanicals free from synthetic flavours, chemicals, and aromas. Only the best for your uterus health!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Such a lovely tea bundle!

I thoroughly enjoyed the teas in this bundle. It got me back to drinking teas and reminded me how nice it is to have a tea routine. The Relaxation Tea is my personal favourite, I could drink multiple cups of it!

Didn’t receive all of my products

Only received one tea in my “bundle”
Emailed the company twice with no reply. I would not recommend buying from this company.

Didn’t receive all of my products

Only received one tea in my “bundle”.
Emailed the company twice with no replies. Wouldn’t suggest buying from this company.

Daisy Pah Eh
My favourite teas

I enjoy this teas every single day. Love the smell and the taste.

Delicious teas

I bought this bundle in December (so its been a month). I am enjoying all of the teas plus it is making me drink alot more water which is a bonus. Love the packaging and the cute spoon. I have used up the Morning Glo quicker than the other two which I dont know since I followed the instructions. Maybe just different weight in the packages.

Will definitely buy again as I am keen to see how i feel after a couple of months on the teas.