How to make tea on the go!

Jul 13, 2023

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Tea in our double-walled tea-infuser glass bottle

Brew fertility tea on-the-go with our double-walled tea-infuser glass bottle - a whole new world of convenience and flavour! Using loose leaf teas is better for your heath (here's an article that shows why loose leaf tea is so much better than tea bags). Whether you’re drinking tea to help with fertility or simply can’t live without that delicious morning brew, having tea on the go isn’t as complicated as you think it might be. 

The thing about brewing a pot of tea is that it's a great ritual... when you have the time. But when your schedule is as crammed as a corset, then this glass bottle is a great solution to get the powerful herbs found in fertility tea in your system. It's a stylish way to enjoy tea at work, when travelling, or on those busy days running around.

Step 1

Remove the stainless steel strainer from the glass bottle and get your favourite Fertility Glo Tea ready. 

removing tea strainer in glass bottle

Step 2

Put 2 teaspoons of any of our Fertility Glo Teas (including Fertility Tea for Her) in the stainless steel strainer.

scooping tea into strainer

Step 3

Heat the water to boiling point - 100 degrees. Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves covering them completely.

pouring boiling water over tea leaves

Step 4

Let the herbs sit in the strainer and continue to soak in their magic as your take the glass bottle with you throughout the day. 

Refill boiling water over the same tea leaves throughout the day (up to two times). 

 Glass bottle with tea

If you prefer cool drinks, you can chill the brewed fertility tea in the glass bottle in the fridge overnight and take that with you the next day (fill the glass bottle with a bit of ice and fresh lemon)- yum! 

While cosying up on the sofa with a cup of fertility tea ahead of your busy day is the dream, it’s not always the reality. If you’re looking for teas to help with conception but find yourself short on time, give our tea-infuser glass bottle a go today. Loved by fertility tea drinkers all over the world, this bottle was specifically formulated for busy women looking to consume powerful herbal fertility tea on the go. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

double walled glass bottle